Envetec unit with shredders and domestic waste bag

Environmentally Friendly

  • ONSITE: The Envetec 200 solution treats  Red Bag (Yellow Bag) waste close to the its point of origin, eliminating biohazardous waste handling and transportation.
  • NO EMISSIONS: using a non-thermal process, Envetec does not produce any emissions.
  • REDUCE PUBLIC HEALTH RISK: Elimination of transporting biohazarous waste material greatly reduces the risk to public health.
  • RECLAIM STORAGE SPACE: Envetec's patented shredding system reduces waste volume by up to 90%, freeing up waste-holding areas for other uses.
  • SAFE: Envetec residue is safe and can be disposed as sandard municipal waste or used as waste to energy material. This eliminates high carbon-emitting steam sterilization and incineration in the waste management processes.

How Envetec 200 Works

Pile of Envetec shredded disinfected material
  • Red / Yellow Bag waste is ground into tiny unrecognizable particles.
  • Shredded material is simultaneously exposed to disinfectant solution – achieving validated kill of harmful pathogens at a 6 log10 reduction or greater.
  • Dry solid residue is safe to handle -> graded as standard municipal trash / garbage / rubbish. The high calorific value of the residue means that it is suitable to use as a waste to energy material.
  • Process water with neutralized disinfectant is safely released to drain.