Envetec Technology

Scope of our Technology

The Envetec 200 is a patented innovation that shreds and sanitizes laboratory hazardous medical waste, on-site, reducing it to domestic waste.

One instrument can process up to 600,000kgs of medical waste per year with a tiny fraction of the energy and water usage of traditional methods such as autoclaving.

The Envetec 200 is simple to install and operate bringing it's benefits in a matter of a few short weeks.

A Smart Solution

Bar charts showing savings with Envetec Technology versus incineration.

Potential savings with Envetec technology versus incineration - Waste weight reduction, cost reduction and carbon footprint reduction

  • Converts your hazardous medical waste into domestic waste in less than 20 minutes. The load is ground into tiny unrecognisable confetti like particles
  • Reduces your organisation Carbon Footprint and Green House Gas emissions.
  • Reduces your environmental and economic costs for the storage, transport and incineration of hazardous waste.
  • Increases your control of your reputation, risks and costs associated with your waste management.
  • It's simple to install, operate and maintain within your facility.
  • Enjoy the support, training and customer service delivered by the Envetec team.

A Safe Solution

Black bag of recyclable waste
  • The Envetec 200 solution is designed to enable to treatment of biohazardous waste onsite reducing the need to store and handle infectious waste for later collection.
  • The risk to public safety through the transport of infectious waste to treatment plants for autoclave and incineration is reduced.
  • The Envetec 200 is non-thermal, runs at ambient temperature, and as quietly as a domestic washing machine, and produces no additional odours or fumes. Less than 20 litres of water is consumed in each cycle.
  • The Envetec is simple to operate with a single operation start up and cycle finish.

A Simple Solution

User wearing lab gloves interacts with Envetec touchscreen interface
  • We work with the customer to assess the current healthcare waste management process.
  • We evaluate waste generation, segregation, collection, transport, storage, haulage, and treatment processes to optimise you value gained by the Envetec 200.
  • Our team supports you in the preparation of infrastructure, utilities and regulatory requirements to ensure a smooth installation process.
  • Operation is as simple essentially as load, start and stop. Our team supports the development of your quality process, and SOPs to ensure you gain the Envetec advantages as soon as installed.