Envetec Regulations and Compliance

Technology Certifications and Approvals

The Envetec 200 is manufactured by Technopath in Ireland and meets the requirements of the applicable CE (European Community) and UL (United States) directives. Technopath facilities are ISO9001:2018 Certified.

The Envetec system is already approved for the treatment of regulated medical waste in a number of US and European Union states. The Envetec 200 machine achieves all regulatory standards according to the efficiency requirements of the "State and Territorial Association on Alternative Treatment Technologies" STAATT.

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Hazardous Waste Treatment Compliance and Regulatory Support

It is a requirement that personnel involved with or exposed to medical waste need to understand the risks, rules, standards and procedures specific to your healthcare organisation. It is a requirement of your organisation to ensure that the standards and procedures are applied, functional and that supports are in place.

The Envetec team has the experience you need in assessing, implementing and supporting healthcare facilities in local, state, federal and international standards, guidelines and best practice procedures. The detail of the compliance requirements may vary significantly from location to location.

Compliance Requirements will include:

  • Guidelines and rules associated with the storage and transport of hazardous waste material such described by the WHO, EPA / RCRA and DOT organisations.
  • Guidelines and rules associated with the classification and segregation of waste materials as described by organisation such as the WHO, EPA, DOH and local Health and Safety authorities.
  • Work-place safety rules and guidelines as it pertains to the handling and exposure to hazardous waste such as described by organisations such as the OSHA.
  • The protection and security of the private health information of patients as described by organisations such as the HIPAA.
  • Training and proof of training as set out by local governance, state, federal and international organisations such as ISO.
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