Laboratory, laboratory waste and waste removal truck

The Envetec Solution

The Envetec 200 Unit
Envetec shredded and treated regulated (bio-hazardous) medical waste
  • On-site technology that deals with hazardous waste near the location of its generation.
  • Offers solid financial savings over the existing high-cost of off-site haulage and disposal services from the limited number of operators in the market.
  • Safe, clean and reliable technology - simple to operate and requires minimal training.
Envetec 200 Unit installed in laboratory

Using Envetec, you can treat your hazardous waste, where it’s generated with an easy-to-use, non-thermal process that shreds and disinfects hazardous waste in one simple cycle rendering it safe to handle and as harmless as regular household trash.

Envetec 200 offers a safer, cleaner, faster, more economically sound and effective treatment of hazardous waste (US: regulated medical waste).

  • Waste is treated quickly and safely ON-SITE
  • End product graded as DOMESTIC WASTE
  • COST REDUCTION for hazardous waste treatment

Ease of Installation and Use

A safe, effective shredding and disinfection system for the on-site destruction and disposal of regulated medical waste.

Envetec’s patented systems are designed and engineered to be safe, quiet, cost efficient and simple to operate.

Clear user interface supports simple operation.

The Envetec 200 UXI
  • Instructions and tutorials on HMI screen and online.
  • Clear feedback to operator on Envetec cycle status.
  • Wireless connectivity optional for control, status and diagnostics.
  • Whisper quiet operation means the Envetec 200 system can comfortably operate within any healthcare environment.