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Exploding the Myth

Incumbent waste haulage companies continue to sell a recycling story while in fact continuing to haul  large scale infectious waste through our communities and across vast distances to autoclave and incineration facilities where it consumes vast amounts of energy and adds unsustainable levels of green house gases, and toxic furans and dioxons into our environment.

Healthcare facilities are sold a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all your waste needs but in practice receive complex contracts and billings, unreliable collections, poor service and risk losing visibility and control over their governance of their waste management.

This is a costly, risky and unsustainable model for the future of our communities. There are now better solutions available.

Join the Envetec Environmental Evolution!

Biohazardous waste generated in our healthcare facilities ntoday is stored onsite, waiting for collection, and then haulage, off huge distances for incineration. But a large amount of biohazardous healthcare waste can now be treated onsite, within the healthcare facility, through our fast, efficient, safe and reliable Envetec 200 system.

In less than 20 minutes, up to 50kg of hazardous waste can be rendered into regular domestic waste. That's up to 150kg an hour and up to 600,000 kgs per annum (based on two shifts per day), more than enough capacity for the needs of any healthcare facility. 

The Healthcare facility can expect to reduce its equivalent carbon footprint by more than 95%, it's volume of waste by up up to 90%, and operating costs by as much as 50%.

Our Customers

Major sources of Healthcare waste include: 

Hospitals: University hospital, General hospital, District hospital.

Related laboratories and research centres: Medical and biomedical laboratories, Biotechnology laboratories and institutions, Medical research centres.

Other healtcare facilities: Emergency medical care services, Health-care centres, Obstetric and maternity clinics, Outpatient clinics, Dialysis centres, Long term healthcare facilities and hospices, Transfusion centres, Military medical services, Prison hospitals or clinics.

Mortuary and autopsy centres

Blood banks and blood collection services

NGOs : Non- Governmental Organisations and Charitable, Not For Profit Organisations engaged in environmental campaigns.